University of the West Indies Scholarships

For several years, the VHFF has partnered with the Mona School of Business and Management at the University of the West Indies, to sponsor the Venture Program for young entrepreneurs. The program has become a platform for some of Jamaica’s rising stars in fields such as agriculture, beauty, technology, and much more.

Each August, teams of students are selected from a pool of applicants, who go through the thorough and rigorous process of developing and presenting a business plan. Each team is paired with an advisor and a coach. Together they collect data, perform market testing, and conduct initial testing of their products or ideas. As the program continues that files thins, and each January, finalists are select to present before a panel of established entrepreneurs and University staff.

Once a winner has been selected, the VHFF has the honor of treating the team to a trip to the United States, where they are able to see the potential of an entrepreneurial business first hand. For many of these young people, it is their first time leaving the island of Jamaica. Once in the US, students visit Caribbean Food Delights and Royal Caribbean Bakery (both founded by Vincent and Jeanette HoSang). Here they see what it takes to grow a business, and learn skills such as how to establish lasting business relationships, understand and interpreting changes in the market, building a sustainable business, and much more.

We at the VHFF take great pride in being part of these young people’s journey. We believe in giving back to the community, and sharing our knowledge. By partnering with the Mona School of Business and Management, the VHFF is able to contribute to legacies that will live on for generations.

Prior to establishing the foundation, the HoSang's established the Vincent HoSang Scholarship Fund in 2002 with a donation of US$150,000. The fund supports full scholarships for six deserving students studying the entrepreneurship program at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica reflecting Mr. HoSang’s belief that education is the foundation to success.

Throughout the year, Vincent HoSang Family Foundation will be giving a scholarship to a student in memory of Brian HoSang.  If you are interested in applying for a VHFF scholarship, download The VHFF-Scholarship Application, fill it out and mail it out before the deadline.  Each student will be selected based on academic merit and community service as well as other criteria.  All scholarship applications must be submitted by December 1.

We have partnered with UJAA who helps us to do the screening of the applicants. Karlene Largie, President of UJAA and Barbara Richards, the Education Chairperson and Vice President of UJAA (USA), Inc. assists with the selection process for the scholarship presented at our Annual Christmas Party.

If you missed the deadline to apply for the scholarship presented in December, we also present one scholarship to two additional recipients either at the Lehman College Foundation Dinner or the All Islands Association's Annual Hacinth S. Peters Scholarhip Luncheon.

To read about the life of Brian HoSang, click here. Download The VHFF-Scholarship Application

Past Recipients

Christian Brown
Britna Bennett
Sherida Bryce
Ashley Scott
Tamisha Walters-Hanley
Khalil Smith
Khimya Lowe
Lori Hutchinson

Erica Saintil
Kristina Bryce
Aliyyah Camp
Kay Peat
Nicole Wickham
Nicole Chin-Lyn
George Jones
Clive Ruddock

Sean Desmond Chin
Tieisha Walters
Jessica Joseph
Nicole Adair
Sasha S. Blades
Maurice Maitland

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